September 20

What’s better than Reducing Refunds & Increasing Sales? Free Coffee



Let’s discuss how to reduce refunds, increase sales and get free coffee, ok!


Imagine you’re walking down the street and suddenly,


“Buy my stuff, buy my stuff, it’s perfect for you, & your dog!”


What the F&^*!


I don’t even have a dog.


Well, I do, but not with me. 😂


This all happens before a hello, My name is Jason. What’s your name?


This is an in-person SPAM attack. Reference: Dave Chappelle Show – (1st person in comments to tell me the episode, I’ll buy you a coffee, well, a Paypal of $5 for coffee). 


Anyways, I like a good ole sales pitch like anyone, but the majority of consumers don’t like slimy pitches all the time.


Instead, I tried this for an e-commerce brand I manage and it worked like gangbusters! To the tune of 23+% of their revenue comes from this like clockwork. Refund rates are at an all-time low too.


Add these to your post-sales follow-up. This will reduce your e-commerce refund rate, improve your buyer’s experience and ultimately increase the brand’s sales revenue.


Immediately after the prospect buys the product,

Send them 1-3 emails reinforcing their buying decision while they are waiting to receive the product.

If you have fast shipping, You may only get 1-2 of these in. 


The goal here is to reinforce what a great decision it was for them to buy your product which helps reduce buyers’ remorse.


We can address this by demonstrating that “people just like me got this and love it.”

This can be anyone one of the following:

  • 1-3 short 5-10 second video testimonials. Try to find different benefits of the product to feature.
  • A short blog post containing these testimonials, but put them into text form.
  • If you don’t have product testimonials, grab your product and phone and get outside and make one.
  • Try to mix up the demographics if your product appeals to various types of people.
  • People want to see more people just like them happy with the product.




Send another 1-3 emails on how to use the product like a pro.

  • What it’s like unboxing it.
  • How to clean it.
  • Store it.
  • Eat it.
  • Drink it.
  • Mix it.
  • Whatever it is, teach them everything about it.
  • Imagine they forgot everything on the sales page (which they did).

The goal here is to get them so ready to use the product the correct way they could possibly teach someone else how to use it too.

*Now you have a brand ambassador in training. They are product experts who will point out how someone is doing it wrong or asking the wrong questions on social media. They will defend the brand because they are an expert. This will lead to referrals and more business.



What is the next logical step?

Well, they need to get it in hand.

Once they have it and use it as we demonstrated, let’s get them to take action.

  • Join a “PRIVATE” group (SOCIAL MEDIA or SMS or EMAIL)
  • Reply to one of our emails with a selfie
  • Post a Review


If anything they’ll be happy knowing someone is actually looking out for them.

Try it and tell me how it goes below.


Jason Ace Card

ps. If you or a brand you know of needs any help with implementing this strategy, let me know. Email me at hello@followupnation.com


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