the Shopify Apps Your Dropshipping Store Should Be Using In 2022


The Shopify Apps Your eCommerce Store Should Be Using In 2022


One of the best sites for dropshipping is Shopify. It offers a platform for dropshipping businesses to connect with both sellers and buyers. You’ll require several pieces of software as your dropshipping store expands in order to manage it more effectively. Choosing the top Shopify apps might be challenging. There are so many choices, and they frequently overlap.


To help you stay organized and have fun as an e-commerce business owner in 2022, we’ve put together this list of key Shopify apps for dropshipping companies.


1. Areviews: Free App for Reviews

The absence of tangible evidence for the products you are purchasing is one feature of internet shopping.

But, in what ways can you verify the legitimacy of the goods you are purchasing online? Reviews!

By reading comments and reviews left by previous buyers, you can make a reliable assumption about the condition of the item you’re purchasing. In turn, this increases trust between buyers and sellers. You might be looking to buy a new pair of sneakers. You might be buying a brand-new TV. Even if things don’t go as planned, taking the time to read criticism is a useful method to enhance your own experience.

When you incorporate a review app into your Shopify store, you benefit from this trust. Customers can use this app to examine the comments, reviews, and ratings of other customers who have made the same purchase. They gain knowledge of the state of the goods they are buying in this way.


One Shopify software that enables you to incorporate evaluations into the products in your store is Areviews. The integration process is simple and permits complete there modification.

2. ParcelPanel: Your Personal Delivery Tracker

Customers typically have to wait a while between placing an order and receiving the product. It is necessary to convince these customers that their requested item is on the way to them. Using an order monitoring tool is the most effective way to do this. As the name suggests, it makes it simpler for customers to determine where their ordered product is and how long it will take them to receive it.


3. Segundo – Get Free Email Marketing Software That Actually Rocks

One of the best ways to get leads is through email marketing, thus dropshippers must have access to one. With the help of this software, you may connect with potential customers, sell them your products, and make a sale. An email marketing tool can be helpful even if you weren’t selling dropshipping goods on a dropship platform to generate leads that eventually become Facebook fans or email subscribers.


The most prominent email marketing tool used by dropshipping businesses is called Seguno. It was designed exclusively for Shopify and gives you the ability to write persuasive emails using the app’s built-in editor.


4. Storista Gives You The Magic To Choose Your Own Instagram Reels and Stories

Social proof is a great way you can use your Instagram account. It’s more important than you think, and a growing number of dropshipping stores are using it to their advantage. You can easily build social proof and trust with your customer by using popular Instagram Reels and Stories apps from Shopify.


Storista is a tool that enables you to share your Instagram stories on your dropshipping business, reassuring customers that you aren’t an anonymous seller but rather someone they can relate to and contact. You may use Storista to exhibit customer reviews, your daily work life, or your products.


5. Klaviyo is a must for eCom. 

It is one of the juggernauts of ESP email service providers. Here at FollowUpNation.com we have helped generate multiple millions in sales revenue with Klaviyo.


6. Postscript is a must for eCom. 

Just like Klaviyo is to email, Postscript is the juggernaut of SMS service providers. Here at FollowUpNation.com we have helped generate millions in sales revenue with Klaviyo.


7. Okendo review platform is awesome

Okendo is sweet because of it’s integrations and ability to import existing reviews. If you want to amplify your review getting & UGC getting abilities, let us know. We have some super sneaky ways to capitalize growth using this platform.


Check back here… We will update this list and eventually add a spreadsheet of the most actively used tools we use to help operate multi-million dollar brands advertising accounts.




You can manage the items on your store with Shopify apps, and you can be sure to convert potential leads into customers. Therefore, you must have crucial and practical Shopify apps that aid in turning users into paying consumers!

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