August 31

Boosts E-commerce Sales with this ONE Method

Learn Consumer-Generated Marketing Methods To Boost E-commerce Sales

The term “consumer-generated marketing” or “User Generated Content” has gained popularity. But what is it exactly? How can you make the most of it?

This article will demystify how consumer-generated marketing works and why drop shippers and online retailers might need to use it as a key ad style in 2022.


What does consumer-generated marketing “UGC” actually mean?


Consumer-generated marketing and “User Generated Content” is a strategy that involves offering customers the opportunity to have control over their own experiences. The intention and objectives of this strategy can vary, but regardless of what the motivation behind it is, it’s designed to engage with more customers to build brand loyalty in the process. For example, if a blogger writes his review on his blog site, then it’s considered a consumer-generated marketing video ad. 

Videos on social media platforms are a common example of this type of content. Unlike traditional advertising, consumer-generated marketing has a more authentic feel and offers a real-world perspective on the things being sold. 


One of the reasons why the practice is so common in today’s world of e-commerce & Shopify dropshipping is the native component and the results consumer-generated marketing drives.


Why Shopify Dropshippers should Integrate UGC Into Their Marketing Strategy?

1. UGC Video Ads: Building Social Proof and Customer Trust

In e-commerce, what does social proof mean? Why is it significant?

A user will behave more favorably toward them due to the psychological phenomena known as social proof. Before making a purchase, consumers consult product reviews, suggestions, and examples of how others have utilized the item. Many organizations employ social proof in their marketing initiatives since it’s a tried-and-true strategy for increasing sales and conversions.

For example a tweet or Instagram post about your goods from a famous person or influencer.

UGC advertisements provide products and services with strong social evidence and increase consumer trust in your brand and the merchandise.


2. UGC As A Secret To Authentic Social Marketing

Brands’ target audiences have changed over time to become more knowledgeable about conventional advertising techniques. The majority now view conventional video advertisements including paid actors as a technique to hype the value of things without actually displaying any usage for them.

UGC out of a content creator provides them with a significant perception of authenticity as it offers more profound insights on goods and services.


3. UGC Ads Boost Brand Image

Promoting your fundamental values and having real users speak favorably about your business may do wonders for brand building. You will have a better understanding of how customers interact with your brand the more you promote UGC Ads in your marketing strategy. In the future, you’ll be able to produce better products and more individualized content.

4. UGC Ads can present actual customer feedback.

The difference between genuine reviews and ones that don’t seem very convincing is becoming more and more obvious to web users. Shakey phones, bad lighting, bad audio can outperform big production. It is all a test. Are you willing to try it? 


5. UGC will outperform all other AD formats in 2022.

On sites like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, the average watch time and click-through rate for UGC videos demonstrate why this content produces superior outcomes for marketers. Does it keep the users attention more than 3 seconds to continue watching another 5 seconds? This is the goal. 

User-generated material seems native to social media platforms, giving consumer-generated commercials a significant advantage over brand-created video ads. Since it is more engaging than standard video advertisements at that time, it will have significantly higher interaction than brand-created video ads, which helps it arouse more emotions linked to your dropshipping product.


UGC is a popular method for marketing goods and services—the engagement and conversion figures speak for themselves.


Which Site Should You Buy Consumer-Created Video Ads From?


FollowUpNation provides a thorough UGC service that streamlines the process of producing genuine material to market your goods.

After making an order, all you need to do is send them the product to us; the rest will be handled by us. In 2022, our UGC video ads have been shown to convert successfully for Shopify dropshipping stores.

Other alternatives we have tested include, finding sources on Fiverr.com and Billo.app



Without a doubt, UGC will be the best-performing AD format in 2022. User-generated content (UGC), also known as consumer-generated marketing (CGM), is frequently the simplest option for dropshippers to raise their ROAS on Facebook and TikTok ads.

UGC advertisements are excellent for developing a brand’s reputation, credibility, and social proof, among other things. These factors are causing an increase in the number of dropshipping businesses using UGC advertisements in their Shopify marketing strategies.

We found it can be complicated and time-consuming for business owners to manage to source and collecting UGC. This is why we offer to handle everything so you can concentrate on increasing sales.


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