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How To Make Video Ads That Convert For Your Business



Video ads are an excellent way to tell your story and connect with your customers. Especially when it comes to direct-to-consumer brands. Even local businesses need Video ads because they can help you boost sales, increase brand awareness and get more signups for your email list.


Here are some tips to make your video ads work.


1. Know Your Audience


Make sure the message in your video ad is relevant to your target audience. If you’re targeting millennials, then a video about how much money they can save probably isn’t going to work. But if you want to educate them on what the product or service is, then that might be worth exploring.



2. Get Personal


People like hearing stories from real people, not just graphs and statistics on how much money they can make by using your product or service. In the advertising world, these videos are called UGC for user-generated content.

So be sure to include personal stories from yourself or other customers in your video ad so viewers can relate to what they will experience if they use your product or service.


3. Keep It Short & Simple


Make sure your videos are short. Most people won’t watch a video longer than two minutes long, so don’t drag it out! Getting someone to watch for 15 seconds should be considered a win. Nowadays with Tiktok and Reels, think about how fast you will swipe to the next video. Now imagine someone seeing your video. 

Break it down in 2-4 second intervals. Each interval’s goal is to get them to watch the next interval.


4. Experiment and Be Creative


Try different types of videos: testimonial videos, product unboxing videos, how-to tutorials, and creative ads that will make your video stand out.

Research other industries. Make-up, health & clothing is super competitive. Watch what they do and think about how you can transfer those ideas to your business. No matter the industry, other industries can be of inspiration.


5. Choose your Platform



Video ads can be used on almost any platform, but some are better suited for specific needs than others. For example, if your product is very visual or has a lot of motion then YouTube might be the best place for you.


If you need something more basic that doesn’t require much editing or special effects, Facebook and Instagram might be better options. The important thing is that whatever platform you choose will allow your company to reach its target audience effectively.


We love Tiktok, Youtube shorts, and Instagram Reels right now.


6. Make the Video Using Any Software


After knowing the essential elements for creating video ads that convert, the next step is to create and edit the video using any video editor software. Video ads can be made from scratch, but it’s usually easier to start by using an existing template. Once you’ve chosen the right template, you’ll need to customize it to suit your needs.


We recommend using video ads maker like Adobe After Effect CC, Vegas Pro, Lightworks, and DaVinci Resolve.


Check out our resources page for other recommended tools to help make this easier. Some are paid and some are free. Follow this link here: https://followupnation.com/resources


7. Share the Video Ads


Once you have finished editing the video ads, it’s time to share your video with the world! The good thing is that you can repurpose the video into different content using various templates and resolutions to fit other social media channels.



If the steps mentioned above sound challenging to you, reach out to us and we can discuss options to help you. 


Should I Buy Video Ads From a video pro or an E-commerce UGC Service?


Creating dropshipping style video ads using complicated video editing software is time-consuming and expensive. But there’s another way around creating amazing content without wasting time.


You can use a digital marketing service that can do all the work for you. But what if you don’t have the budget? Should you buy video ads from a digital marketing service? Or should you hire a video ad editor?


Let me explain the benefits of having a digital marketing service for your business.


Why Every Business Should Team Up With a professional marketing team or Video Ads Service


Buying a video ad from a digital marketing service is more affordable than hiring an editor because they charge by the hour instead of per project. This means that they will be able to create as many ads as possible within your budget. They also have access to thousands of templates, so they can easily put together any type of ad you need without having to worry about copyright issues or other legalities.


If you choose to outsource it yourself and find an expert video editor in the dropshipping niche, then you would have to hire someone who does this type of work regularly and has experience in creating unique content from scratch. This means that you would either have to pay more money or wait longer for them to finish the video ads.


How to Find Video Ads for effective for your business?


Finding a video ad for dropshipping is not as hard as you might think. Here’s what to do:


  1. Find a product that catches your eye on Amazon, AliExpress, and other e-commerce selling platforms.


  1. Look at the reviews of that product and see what people are saying about it.


  1. Check out the reviews on YouTube and see if the company has any videos there that show how to use the product or give instructions on how to install it.


  1. Check out other videos on YouTube with similar products, like reviews or tutorials, and see if they give you more insight into how to find a video ad for dropshipping that will work well for your business model.


  1. Once you’ve found an ad that makes sense for your business model and audience, think about how they made it. Start scripting your version of it now. If that sounds too complicated, reach out to us and we help you with this too. 


Here Are Tips in Finding Worthy Video Ads for your local business or e-commerce brand. 

First, start by creating a list of keywords that relate to what you’re selling. This will help you determine the right type of audience for your product.


Second, look at competitor videos and see what they’re doing. What platform are they using? How long is their video? What’s their tone? Delivery? Speed of transitions? Call to action?


Third, create a script that’s going to be entertaining and informative. Your script should include:


  • What’s going on in the video
  • Why’s this product great for me (benefits not features)
  • Where is it available
  • How much does it cost


And that’s a wrap! We hope you’ve found this guide helpful in starting your video ads for your dropshipping business. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via email hello@followupnation.com or call us at (951) 422-2574.


If you need any digital marketing service including SEO, Google Ads & Google My Business management, contact Follow Up Nation today and get your free SEO analysis.



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