October 10

How to dominate in any local business?

Want to know how to dominate any local market… local business?

Seriously any market any niche?

Multi-channel marketing.

What is multi-channel marketing?



That is being omnipresent – all around – everywhere your prospects are both online and offline. 24/7.
I have a few clients that dominate and they agree 100%.
Being more visible online while giving value upfront (demonstrating their value) and leading the contacts into a funnel beats the typical static post website. Even with $1000’s in ad spend.
No matter where the prospect is online your message should be there.
Think about this:
Let’s take a dentist for example…
Dentist 1 is barely a year into their business. They are paying a few thousand dollars per month in paid ads running on almost every channel. They are dominating their search results on Google and even show up on local maps displaying several 5-star reviews. Dentist 1 is active on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook too (both organically and paid). When you dive in and look up anything regarding Dentist 1, you find the same congruent offer everywhere with proof they are the best in the area at what they do.


In contrast, we have Dentist 2.


Dentist 2 is an established 10-year veteran of the area. They are not paying for ads online. However, they do makes an occasional post every few months. Naturally, Dentist 2 says “social media doesn’t work for my business”. Even better when you do your research online to see what else he can do… Dentist 2 is nowhere to be found.
Who are you going to go with?
I guess a better couple of questions are…
  • Will you actually know of Dentist 2?
  • Do you think Dentist 1 wins more business by default?
It is pretty simple to see how Dentist 1 is coming across as an expert. They are perceived as more established and credible too.
Consistently putting out content even if it is simply the day-to-day acts performed in the office helps stand out from the Dentist 2’s of the world.
Winners keep winning



This doesn’t take thousands in ad spend on each marketing channel to achieve. A small budget managed well in combination with a content creation process and SEO strategy can easily dominate any market with any business.



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