September 26

Forget EMAIL MARKETING, Your losing out

If you think Email Marketing is dead, You’re leaving money on the table.


It’s true, email marketing can generate well above 20% of a brand’s revenue with silly high conversion rates…


Would you say a 10% conversion rate is crazy? 




With the right offer, and the right audience it can happen. I’ve seen it personally with a brand I manage. 


But, these numbers are only possible with a thorough email strategy. ⁠⁠


Now we can break down most follow up into 2 different types. 


  1. Broadcasted campaigns (sniper attacks).

    1. Your broadcast campaigns are the one-off sniper-like efficient emails you send to announce sales, new products, or provide education. 
    2. These can be the most effective and high converting.
      1. Use special segments of your email list like (recently engaged website, most likely to purchase, recently clicked, etc). Test the audiences your email platform creates for you.
      2. Send more.
        • Yes, one email a month or even a week is not enough. I would move to 3-5 a week.
          • Test your audience.
        • Test stories about you, your brand and tie in sales.
        • Be human. We are right? Why writing as a brand s faceless and cold. No Connection. People connect with other people.
          • Like right now, my name is Jason Ace Card. I’m a USMC veteran and former police officer. I’m writing this to share my experiences growing multiple multi-million dollar brands as a side hustles to my career. Yes, I maintained a career.
          • Now you might look out for my name & remember me more likely than the faceless version of the brand Follow Up Nation.
  2. Automations (set them up and forget’ish). ⁠⁠

    1. You still need to test and improve them along the way. 
    2. Automations happen IN YOUR SLEEP and are triggered to go out based on the customer’s specific actions taken or not taken. Example: The customer adds something to their shopping cart, forgets to buy, and an email goes out to remind them in a few minutes or days.
      • Hack better open rates by including this in your automation.
        • Add a reply email. This is asking the customer/prospect to reply to your email. Reply with a top question, or reply with the word “special” to get a coupon code. The ideas are endless. The point here is to get a reply. The more the email platforms see you have interaction with consumers the better your deliverability will be. This helps inbox your emails versus them landing in the promotions tab.


More on deliverability later.


Need additional help with your email or SMS marketing strategy? 


I have 5+ years of experience generating brands 5-6 figures per month with email marketing and SMS marketing. 


Let’s have a 10-minute discussion to see if your business is ready.



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