August 22

5 Great Reasons To Add Live Chat To Your Home Service Website

In a digital world where speed is the king, If I can’t get it tomorrow, I don’t want it!




With overnight & next-day shipping ingrained in most of us by using Amazon, our customers want things now, and they usually get them.


Sooooo what about customer service? 


When the average response on social media is over 10 hours, do you think you can close the gap on your competitors? 


Worse yet, email responses take on average more than 15hrs for most businesses. 


A simple software added to your website that integrates with your favorite communication platform can be all the difference in a losing ad campaign and a wildly successful ad campaign.


It’s quick and convenient, and customers love it because it’s 100x faster than any other digital service channel.


Most customers say that they prefer live chat over social media, email, and even phone support because live chat support is fast, efficient, and convenient. But, let’s face it, when was the last time you went to a store and waited in line to get help? 


When running a home service website, it is important to ensure that you provide your customers with the best possible experience. 


Using the right tools and training, you can make your customers happy. For example, live chat services can help you add a human element to your website. This is an opportunity to connect with someone and tell your story while solving the customer’s problems faster. 

A business needs to offer support to its customers through Live Chat. This is why so many E-commerce brands have their stores on sites like Facebook and Instagram to allow them to interact with their customers instantly. 


The live chat is still an untapped potential that can boost your sales and help you understand your visitor’s behavior on your website.


Don’t stop with just customer service, though. Here are some other top reasons why live chat can positively impact your business.



Improve Customer Service:

We’ve beaten this one down already, right?

Before I drop some stats on live chat again, just know this helps you customer service team too. They will be able to help people before they become the fire the owner needs to put out.


Adding live chat to your home service website can improve customer service. A recent study by Forrester Consulting found that adding live chat to a website can increase the number of sales opportunities by more than 300%. The study also found that companies that offer live chat see a 50% reduction in customer service costs. 


Customers appreciate the opportunity to communicate with a representative in real-time, and they can get their questions answered quickly. This can lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and a decrease in the number of support requests that need to be handled over the phone.

Offering live chat on your website can also reduce costs associated with customer service. Employees who handle customer support requests over the phone often need to be paid more than those who provide support through live chat because of the demands of the job. 


Additionally, by providing live chat on your website, you can eliminate the need for a call center, which can save you money on staffing and infrastructure costs. Live chat provides a faster and more personal way for customers to get help with their purchases. 


In addition, it allows customers to multitask while they are talking to a representative. This can save the customer time and money. Many customers prefer the convenience of live chat over calling customer service. They don’t have to wait on hold for long periods of time, and they can continue working on their computer while they are chatting with a representative.


Increase Website Conversions: 


Live chat software creates a better experience and, better yet!!!! Increasing your close ratio. 


Live chat provides an immediate way for customers to get help with whatever they’re looking for on your website. This eliminates the need for them to wait on hold or search the FAQ pages for the answer or possibly leave it to a competitor. 


When customers can easily communicate with a live person, they are more likely to make a purchase or use your services. Overall, adding live chat to your website is a great way to increase website conversions.


Enhance Customer Satisfaction:


Live chat gives you the chance to close a sale right then and there, but it also gives you access to their thoughts too. With simple weekly or monthly reviews of the live chats, we can improve the content of the website and help guide customers toward a booking or purchase faster than waiting for a phone call. How often do you audit your calls, write down the questions everyone asks, and then go to your website to improve future customer experiences? 


Reduce Support Cost:


One of the benefits of adding live chat to your website is that it helps document the support process. When you monitor your visitor’s conversations in real-time, you get to document the common questions and answers in addition to whether they arrived at your website with a purchase intent or not. 


But most of all, the feature also helps you to understand customers’ needs from the brand by assessing the pages they’ve browsed and make your team more proactive as they can see when a visitor gets stuck on a page. 


Customer support can be expensive if it’s not you answering while on a job. The typical call center can charge an arm and a leg if bombarding them with phone calls. You can lower costs with a teammate that can answer calls and respond to chats simultaneously. You can service several questions online while taking the occasional phone call.


This ultimately cuts your support costs as a result. 


Within months of launching live chat on their website, a prominent brand WP Engine documented they were able to handle more than 90% of all questions and issues immediately – reducing their customer support costs almost overnight.



Increase Sales Conversion:


If you want your website to stand out amidst all the other competitors, then take advantage of what live chat has to offer. 


When using a more people-like method on your website, people will feel less inclined to abandon shopping carts or close web pages since customers feel more at ease when browsing through websites. This boosts trust, which goes hand-in-hand with profit margins if done correctly.




Your customers want fast and immediate support. The time is now to install live chat. Get ahead of the competition while very few companies use live chat. 

Need help learning more about this. 

We have generated thousands of sales from a simple chat. Imagine getting your customer’s name, email, and phone # by simply answering a buying question. Now, this is where the magic happens. FollowUpNation.com 



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