September 9

This one simple task can help you make more sales faster!

Always great to hang out with other marketing pros and brand owners with the goal of improving our relationships and skills.


The big takeaway from this event in the not-so-humid Huntsville, AL was follow-up is KING.


So I bought that domain name. 😂


Just because you send an email to 20,000 people doesn’t mean 10,000 see it. Whoa, I don’t send more than 1 email at a time. Well, this article may not be for you.


So if you have a large email database of prospects or customers… like in the thousands, then you likely have an ESP – email service provider. This can be like Active Campaign, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Sendlane etc.


Did you know some brands’ domain names are flagged before even typing the email?


Pro Tip:

  1. Check the health of your domain.
    1. Don’t get overwhelmed on this site, just look for red or green. Red is bad, green is good. You can take a quick look at your domain’s health by following this link here and doing a search with their tool. https://mxtoolbox.com/
  2. Send an email to yourself from your email service provider.
    1. Where does it land?
      1. spam?
      2. promo?
      3. normal inbox?
    2. Where does it land when you send it to a complete stranger?
  3. Have you tried it? What happened? Tell me in the comments below.


If you can make an extra 10-20-100 sales per email sent by simply improving your domain’s health, what would that do for your business?


This has been a long-time hidden service I’ve provided not really understanding the GRAND effect it had until having to start fresh with a new client recently.


I’ll save you the long boring monotonous story on how we did it, but this client now lands more emails in the inbox of their prospects than ever before.


Heck, can you imagine 20% more of your business emails getting opened?


better email sells more stuff

If you or someone you know can benefit from a service like this, send us a message subject line: Better Email


I’m happy to take a look at your domain and see if we may be a good fit to help.




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